About Us

Passionate about energy

Our Mission

We started this company because we believe that the access to electricity drives development, as it is the key to accelerate further opportunities for other aspects human development. Our goal is to make grids more resilient, fast-deployable and affordable.

Our Vision

We want to be the bridge that connects energy developers, investors and consumers. We see NYDRO as a key actor in the descentralization of the energy generation and the re shaping of the distributed power grid.

From The Founder

Our moonshot is to rewire the world. Sounds crazy, but we believe we can do it. The energy transition, smart grids, AI and blockchain are already providing a decentralized hierarchy for the new grid that is not fully understood either by our competitors. We want to turn into the biggest virtual utility, that unlocks the tools to create decentralized networks and connect investors, energy developers and consumers.

We see a picture of the world where the grid will look like the Internet, with Smart meters acting like Internet routers, using AI to balance loads and routing algorithms to find new paths when a trunk is broken or inactive. We are painting that picture right now.
In the future, thanks to our solution you could take your electricity service with you, just by taking our smart meter with you. We dream of a future where the electricity grid is ubiquitous, where we have an ID that carries all our physical and digital services with us, like if the meters where Google Chrome, and after plugging the device all our services could move to where we are.
We are working not only on software, we are moving towards a solution that will use optical fiber to transmit both electricity and internet, making this two basic services affordable and accessible for the first time, not only for the 1 billion people off the grid, but also for the 6 billion people that could have better services.

Our Road

NYDRO ENERGY was founded to bring electricity to the 1.2 billion people that has no access to it. We made some changes, and now we want to re'shape the grid as it looks today.

  1. Launched our website

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  2. Team growing!

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    The team grows! We are already 4 people, David, Nico and Lut (photo) and Maartje in Holland.

  3. Head up to Silicon Valley!

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    In February, we won the IMPACTEC contest in Buenos Aires. The award was a scholarship to attend the incubation program of Singularity University.

  4. We have incorporated!

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    We finish the process to register as a company in Argentina.

  5. Nominated for the Startup Energy Transition awards!

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    We are among the top 100 energy transition start-ups from all over the world!

  6. Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge

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    NYDRO ENERGY S.A.S. was invited to pitch at the Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Summit!


Our Team!

Meet the team that wants to disrupt the utility's market!

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David Alejandro Trejo Pizzo
Co-Founder & CEO

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Lutmila Garcia Blanksman

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Nicolas Ambroso

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Luis Uranga
PRINCIpal software architect