About us

Our history and the team that makes magic!

Passionate about energy

We started this company because we believe that the access to electricity drives development, as it is the key to accelerate further opportunities for other aspects human development. Our goal is to make the grids more resilient, fast-deployable and affordable.

Unlike current microgrid projects, our solution will use powerline communication to enable the chat between the smart meters. We will enable consumers to trade energy within their community and with other utilities. To accomplish this, we are mixing AI, blockchain, Internet of Things and Power over Fiber technologies.

From The Founder

Our moonshot is to rewire the world. Sounds crazy, but we believe we can do it. The energy transition, smart grids, AI and blockchain are already providing a decentralized hierarchy for the new grid that is not fully understood either by our competitors. We want to be the company that unlocks the tools to create real decentralized networks and provide utilities, prosumers and consumers with a common platform to interact.

We see a picture of the world where the grid will look like the Internet, with Smart meters acting like Internet routers, using AI to balance loads and routing algorithms to find new paths when a trunk is broken or inactive. We are painting that picture right now.

In the future, thanks to our solution you could take your electricity service with you, just by taking our smart meter with you. We dream of a future where the electricity grid is ubiquitous, where we have an ID that carries all our physical and digital services with us, like if the meters where Google Chrome, and after plugging the device all our services could move to where we are.

We are working not only on software, we are moving towards a solution that will use optical fiber to transmit both electricity and internet, making this two basic services affordable and accessible for the first time, not only for the 1 billion people off the grid, but also for the 6 billion people that could have better services.


The core team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

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David Alejandro Trejo Pizzo
Founder & CEO

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Lutmila GarcĂ­a Blanksman

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Nicolas Ambroso

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