NYDRO Investment Platform

The gatefay to fund the next generation of decentralized power grids.


Adding assets to our portfolio

Our 4 year development plan starts with using tokens to represent physical assets. These assets are electric power generation parks, mainly solar and wind energy. The team of Bus. Development analyzes the proposals that arrive to us to add assets to our portfolio and in function of this, the project valuation is evaluated, the amount of tokens that are assigned to the project and a smart contract is generated that then in the future will serve to distribute the profit to each one of the asset holders

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Sign the contract

A contract is signed between NYDRO ENERGY and the owner of the renewable energy park. This contract stipulates the total value of the park, the installed power and the percentage of the asset that is tokenized.


Tokens from reserve to market

When the contract is signed, a digital contract is created that can be subscribed with tokes that exist in the market. As the offer of the tokens that exist in the market decreases, the price of the token will increase steadily, achieving sustainable growth over time.

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