NYDRO Platform

The dashboard to control and fund the next generation of decentralized power grids.

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Building the smart grid

Sensors, smart power meters, EV charging devices, power banks and public lights are talking the same language, providing information about load balance, energy consumption, prices and prosumer patterns.


Control power grids, EV charging points and more!

A dashboard that allows power grid administrators to visualize the network status, consumption and power generation at any time, enable or disable devices. Also, each user of the power grid can access to see their energy consumption, their sales and their investments in renewable energy.

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Adding assets to our portfolio

Using tokens to represent physical assets, liquidity for non liquid assets. These assets are power generation parks, mainly solar and wind energy. The team of Bussiness Development analyzes the proposals that arrive to us to add assets to our portfolio and in function of this, the project valuation is evaluated, the amount of tokens that are assigned to the project and a smart contract is generated that then in the future will serve to distribute the profit to each one of the asset holders

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